Best Paid Cydia Tweaks

1. ActionMenuPlus : Additional actions for action menu such as : History,Favorite,Lookup,lookdown,Translate,Diction ary-$2.9
2. AppSwitcherVolume : Show Volume slider on the now playingBar(needs native multitasking)-$0.99
3. AttachmentSaver : Save attachment that are in your inbox in$3
4. DirectCloserPro : Close apps easily in tasks switcher (needs native multitasking)-$1
5. Auto 3G : Turn off your 3G on lock-$5.99
6. EZDecline : Decline/Accept Buttons from a calll even when your iphone currently asleep/locked-$0.99
7. FaceBreak : Enable FaceTime over 3G-$1.49
8. FolderEnhancer : Improves and extends iOS4 Folders-$2.49
9. FullScreen for safari : run safari in full screen mode-$1.99
10. GPower Pro : Show reboot and respring with Turn off slide when u hold lock/sleep button-$0.99
11. Grid Lock : Put your apps wherever u want
12. Home page in safari : choose your homepage in safari-$0.99
13. iControl : Control your wifi/3G/2G/BT to save Battery-$4.99
14. infiniBoard: Vertically scroll your home screen pages-$1.99
15. infiniDock : Scroll your dock with infinite apps and folders-$0.99
16. infinifolders : infinite apps in folders with verticle scrolling-$1.99
17. Mark Read : Mark Read or unread your inbox messages in$1.99
18. MultiCleaner : close yourapp completely by holding home button-$0.99
19. PagePreview : slide to any page with one move by just dragging your finger on the page indicator dots-$1.74
20. PlayAwake : Put any song in alarm in$1.99
21. ShakeToUndoKiller : kill shake to undo feature-$0.99
22. Synchronicity : Work on your iphone while itunes sync-$2
23. iBluever : allows you to connect your iPod to internet with your mobile phone via bluetooth-$5
24. Safari Download manager – download any file using$5
25. ScrollingBoard : Same as infiniDock and infinifolders-$1.49
26. AskToSend : Confirms before sending SMS/Mail-$0.99
27. CallLock : Locks your iphone screen during call-$0.99
28. HideEmAll : Hide and recover your photos/messages-0.99
29. iPicMyContacts : Show contacts pics next to names-$1.29
30. ListLauncher : Scrolling list of all your apps for quick find-$0.99
31. BluSelect : Rapid Bluetooth configuration from anywhere-$??
32. GroupSend : Send messages to a group of people-$1.49 
33. LockDown Pro : Lock your apps the way you want-$1.99
34. MyWi 4.0 : Internet tethering-$19.99
35. SBRotator for 4.x : Rotate your SpringBoard in all 4 orientation-$1.99
36. Shrink : Shrink your apps down-$??
37.        PkgBackUp : Backup and restore your cydia apps for upgrades and iTunes restores-$7.99

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